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Apr 23, 2013 1:40am PDT
triggered by the sequester. some of the busiest airports fell behind schedule. faa furloughs went into effect leaving fewer air traffic controllers on the job and we have more from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the delays piled up in charlotte. waits up to 75 minutes at baltimore washington and at all three new york airports. >> when you have cuts like this, it's not good. it's one of the very few jobs, i think, that should not have one. >> reporter: the faa didn't mince words, blaming most of the backlog on federal budget cuts. the agency said, the crunch forced it to furlough its air traffic controllers one day every other week. it saves the agency nearly $640 million, but the faa says it could cost travelers 90-minute delays on 6,700 flights every day. and the early numbers show delays at baltimore washington anew york's laguardia, spiking fourfold over last monday. part of that could be weather related. but at other airports like philadelphia, not much change. to see for ourselves, we boarded a flight in miami for orlando. here's the confusing thing. the flights to washington, d.
Apr 24, 2013 1:40am PDT
the faa are the result of automatic, federal spending cuts imposed by the sequester. the fight over blame for it now in the senate. last night it was on the floor. democrat harry reid proposed to suspend the sequester and it was met with sharp opposition. >> we have created a situation where we are going to discomfort and inconvenience hundreds of thousands of american people on a political point because we can't cut any spending in washington. >> several senators are urging the obama administration to put off to furlough to give all sides to find other ways to handle the spending cus. >>> police in beverly hills looking for a driver behind a violent cage of road rage all captured on camera. the driver in a white bmw chased a man on the bicycle into an alley. rammed into him, and pinned him to a metal garbage bin. peels out in reverse with the cyclist still hanging on to the car. then speeds away. there it is again. ouch. police say the driver is going to face serious charges if and when he is caught. >> there was a small dispute, verbal argument initially. and then the bicyclist to
Apr 22, 2013 3:00am PDT
change today as traffic ramps up. the controllers and all faa workers are losing one workday every other week. >>> all right, spring flooding turned much of the midwest into a muddy mess. record rainfall to blame for high water. for example, nearly 10 inches has fall in this month in grand rapids, michigan. swollen rivers can't take much more. forecasters say more rain is expected tomorrow. >> here's a look at your weather -- expect thunderstorms around southern kansas, oklahoma. by the evening commute, you could see snow around minneapolis and parts of the upper midwest. >> unseasonably cool along the east coast, new england to georgia with temperatures staying in the 50s. but check out the west. dry and warm. hitting the 90s in some spots. >>> to a shining example of someone who really l job. >> a powerful earthquake rocked china over the weekend brought everything to a stand still including a wedding in progress. the bride you just saw there happens to be an anchorwoman. she got right to work. still wearing her wedding gown and her veil. check her out. >> that is hilarious. she
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3